Fifty Shades Trilogy –Review

After the book was published a few years ago, The Fifty Shades trilogy has sold over  100million copies wordwide according to in spite of the critics of the books and the movies due to its plenty of sexual content and nudity. In the world of business anything can happen, nonetheless Fifty Shades trilogy is a huge success, congratulation to novelist E.L James.

Just like any novel  which is 0 Shades of Grey” has taken America by storm “it was a phenomenon quoted from who have come to the big screen, it begins with some side of instinctive fantasy which makes the viewers long for the characters, the romance and sexual unnatural behavior of a man which is portrayed as a hot hunk and a billionaire and furthermore a very generous individual.  For many times that you need to improve ones self in order to be accepted or to have an ideal relationship with an ideal person. This is what happens when Anastasia Steele, after her encounter with Christian Grey, now she has become the desire of the billionaire and bachelor Christian. The idea is that even a simple woman like her will turn the world upside down of a very high profile person of the city.

Although, he desires her and adore but what seems to be a perfect individual like Christian is a very very almost sadistic lover and wants more than just sex. As you can see Fifty Shades, is a huge in the big screen, will that is not a surprise, since it was a big hit on the novel how much more on the film. The movie is filled with style and not your conventional romantic story, thanks director Sam Taylor-Johnson, together with his great actor and actress Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, have made the novel into a wonderful blockbuster movie.

Anastasia who is a college student almost finish college happen to interview a billionaire Christian Grey for her friend’s work. Right at that moment, Christian has captivated by the simplicity and beauty of Ana.  And so the movies reveals dark secret of Christian of which Ana is having a hard time to cope with until their relationship continue in Fifty Shades Darker movie 2. Nonetheless in Fifty Shades Darker it end up in the wedding right after the long struggle and confusion but still Anastasia and Christian prevails. And now the coming of Fifty Shades Freed is here for the movie series. Fifty Shades Freed will reveal the end of the story also  upon reading  from this website So if you are fan of the Fifty Shades trilogy, be sure to bookmark the link on this article.

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