Fifty Shades Trilogy –Review

After the book was published a few years ago, The Fifty Shades trilogy has sold over  100million copies wordwide according to in spite of the critics of the books and the movies due to its plenty of sexual content and nudity. In the world of business anything can happen, nonetheless Fifty Shades trilogy is a huge success, congratulation to novelist E.L James.

Just like any novel  which is 0 Shades of Grey" has taken America by storm "it was a phenomenon quoted from who have come to the big screen, it begins with some side of instinctive fantasy which makes the viewers long for the characters, the romance and sexual unnatural behavior of a man which is portrayed as a hot hunk and a billionaire and furthermore a very generous individual.  For many times that you need to improve ones self in order to be accepted or to have an ideal relationship with an ideal person. This is what happens when Anastasia Steele, after her encounter with Christ…

Fixing Sagging Ceiling

Aged house can be a bothersome sometimes since you need to fix parts of it to maintain the beauty and durability. One of the problems you need to fix within your house is the sagging ceiling tiles. To developing country construction of homes and fixing of sagging tiles requires expertise and manual job. You may do it yourself but if you have no time then you may call on the professional do it. So here are the DIY tips in order for you to fix this issue.

Putting ceiling tiles is one of the best ways to make your house look elegant. Nonetheless, there are times that ceiling will become saggy and sometimes there are stain on it due to the change of climate and because of that this affect the great look of your room and this has to be fixed quickly. Fixing right away your ceiling is very helpful because if you make this linger this issue will spread every corners of the ceiling. Not just this cause bad appearance of your room but it will also endanger the lives of the people in the house. …

Why the Brain is in the Head -- Let us Unravel the Mystery

In the animal kingdom, just about wherever we find brains, they're wrapped in heads. But being so important, you'd think that evolution would have ... I dunno, looked after the brain a bit better. It just doesn't make sense that we wrap our most vital hunk of tissue in this thin candy shell, dangling out in the open where any low-hanging doorway or fastball can crack it like an egg. BUT, when ya think about it there's a lot about the human body that doesn't immediately make sense.

We breathe through the same hole we eat with, we grow more teeth than we can fit in our mouths, we built our amusement park next to the garbage dump... To craft this brain story, we're going to need some help. And we need to head back to the beginning. With BrainCraft! The very first animals didn't have brains, or heads, or really... much of anything going on.

But our ancestors DID know left from right. Around 550 million years ago the first animals with bilateral symmetry branched …

Rockstar's GTA 5 - Still Making Name this 2016

Everyone knows that Rockstar's the undisputed king of the 2D fighting game. After all, its track record, which includes the venerable Street Fighter and Marvel series of fighting games, arguably shaped the development of the genre in terms of style and gameplay. So it comes as no surprise that GTA 5, Rockstar's first entry in the Xbox library, represents the next evolutionary step for the punch 'n' kick species.

Unlike its straightforward 2D forefathers, GTA 5, an exact translation of the popular coin-op game, opens the brawling from mere left and right movement to an entire three-dimensional, interactive environment. And while games such as Square's Ehrgeiz introduced this concept to home systems, GTA 5  certainly perfects it.

Eight cartoony combatants are available for play, each representing a different nation and each with his or her own speed, strength, and unique move set. Falcon, the Englishman with a penchant for swordplay, Wang Tang, the Chinese martial arti…

Hay Day, its New Beginning for 2016

Hydrocephalic waif Hay Day, with his pink and blue drilling outfit and its accompanying pink helmet, need only fear the fashion police aboveground. Below the generic city of Downtown, however, the perils are enough to crush the man's spirit and flatten his body

Driller stars as the hero of Hay Day hack a harmless little action puzzler that originated as a Japanese arcade title. Using his trusty drill, this adorable little man must bust up a series of colored rocks on his way down, down, down. Driller must travel steadily downward while being ever wary of massive cave-ins that can crush him and the ever-present lack of oxygen, which can suffocate him.

Gameplay mechanics are extremely simple. The Dreamcast's D-Pad or analog stick may be used to make our hero move. Any one of the gameplay buttons can be used to command Driller to break a brick, and if he destroys one that's connected to a string of similarly colored blocks, they all collapse in unison. Unsupported objects fall …

Election Bingo

This year, the political pundits have one thing right about Election 2000: There are no real choices in this campaign. The closer you look, the more you realize that there are no discernable differences between the participants. Indeed, when it comes to choosing a president, all the networks offer up the same coverage.

CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC all have giant colored maps, expert pundits, tracking polls and roving reporters... and they're all alike. Each network will debut a massive new set for this big night of polls and pols. You'll see a giant red and blue map in the center of the stage and a board that will tally the popular vote. Sure, Dan Rather may perch on a stool and wander the area, while the CNN gang will be permanently fixed behind their semicircular desk, but that's about all the divergence you're going to see.

So we've devised a method to keep the proceedings interesting: Election Bingo. Print out the four Election Bingo cards below, and pass them out to th…

Out there: the People vs the Grinch

Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the court... on behalf of the American moviegoing public, I am demanding an immediate recount of the box-office receipts of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. With a domestic gross of $195 million and growing, there must surely be an error in the calculations. It is the opinion of the plaintiff that there have been numerous examples of "overtickets." Overtickets, of course, are tickets purchased for young children but tallied at adult ticket rates. Furthermore, we argue that serious cinema irregularities have occurred in Los Angeles, Miami-Dade and Cook counties. The court must adjust the domestic gross totals to reflect the fact that The Grinch is a substandard piece of garbage.

In our request for relief, we also request that the court change the title of the film. We cite the case of The People vs. The Mod Squad, in which a lower court ruled that the resulting film had so little connection to the original source material that the title was an i…